Effective Communications in Project Management

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Communications provides the wings for you to fly to success.

Effective Communications in Project Management: What do I know? Who needs to know it? And Have I told them.

Prepared For: Research Paper: Communications Skills

Statement of the problem:
How do we insure effective communications in the project management environment?

Background: The purpose of this paper is to recommend that Project Management is a concept that focuses on the dynamic characteristics of a multi-facetted organization. In such a changing situation, effective communication is a characteristic that should be stressed and becomes the most important tool for the project manager and team members.

In order to manage in an increasingly
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s: o Capital o Materials o Equipment o Facilities o Information o Personnel

The output in from this process is: o Product o Services o Profit

Project Management consists of:
People management
· Communication;
· The operation of an effective feedback loop;
· Teamwork and the use of cross functional teams;
· The development of procedures for co-coordinating and providing direction to others; empowerment
· Accountability
Scope, evaluation and risk management
· Planning and the understanding of life cycle;
· Assessment, evaluation and cash flow projections;
· The development of scope;
· The development and accuracy of estimates and budgets;
· The identification of constraints in the early stages;
· The availability of accurate data and information;
· The establishment of performance measures;
Control and change management
· Analyzing and forecasting performance;
· Taking corrective action;
· Understanding sources of cost;
· Monitoring actual performance against plan;
· The use and reliance of computerized tools;
· The ability to determine and influence resources required;
· The ability to recognize problems and anticipate variation;

Kerzner (2003, p6) states that the definition of project success has to be modified from the previous constraints of Time, Cost and performance to include Completion:
· Within the allocated time
· At the proper performance or specification level
· Within the budgeted cost
· With the acceptance by the customer/user