Effective Communications in Project Management

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Communications provides the wings for you to fly to success. -Anonymous Effective Communications in Project Management: What do I know? Who needs to know it? And Have I told them. Prepared For: Research Paper: Communications Skills Statement of the problem: How do we insure effective communications in the project management environment? Background: The purpose of this paper is to recommend that Project Management is a concept that focuses on the dynamic characteristics of a multi-facetted organization. In such a changing situation, effective communication is a characteristic that should be stressed and becomes the most important tool for the project manager and team members. Discussion In order to manage in an…show more content…
hese teams being termed as resources: o Capital o Materials o Equipment o Facilities o Information o Personnel The output in from this process is: o Product o Services o Profit Project Management consists of: People management · Communication; · The operation of an effective feedback loop; · Teamwork and the use of cross functional teams; · The development of procedures for co-coordinating and providing direction to others; empowerment · Accountability Scope, evaluation and risk management · Planning and the understanding of life cycle; · Assessment, evaluation and cash flow projections; · The development of scope; · The development and accuracy of estimates and budgets; · The identification of constraints in the early stages; · The availability of accurate data and information; · The establishment of performance measures; Control and change management · Analyzing and forecasting performance; · Taking corrective action; · Understanding sources of cost; · Monitoring actual performance against plan; · The use and reliance of computerized tools; · The ability to determine and influence resources required; · The ability to recognize problems and anticipate variation; Kerzner (2003, p6) states that the definition of project success has to be modified from the previous constraints of Time, Cost and performance to include Completion: · Within the allocated time · At the proper performance or specification
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