Effective Controlled Employees And Its Impact On The Level Of Employee Participation Essay

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1.0 Problem Statement
Employees who are given space to engage their creative locus and to become self-efficient are found to influence innovative behaviour Appendix 1. This is because they are less fearful of the administration, which for most cases control their behaviour, performance, and level of participation. This study intends to show that highly controlled employees rarely apply their innovative sides because of the restrictions that is placed on them. However, organisations that allow high level of participation among its employees benefit from their individual creativity.
The type of leadership applied has a great impact on the level of employee participation ad their ability to be innovative. For instance, leaders who employ team leadership or laissez-faire leadership are more likely to encourage their employees to exercise their creative ability in terms of problem-solving as well as enhancing their output and performance.
An administration which shows organisational commitment towards its employees increases the employees chances of being self-efficient and for them to utilize their internal locus. One way the organisation can do this is through employees training and in-house research and development Appendix 2. Being open and transparent about the ongoing in the organisation and allowing employees to propose solutions removes the inhibitions that make them less innovative when it comes to problem solving.

Hence, high level of engagement among employees…
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