Effective Counseling

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iove couse Personal and Professional Qualities for an Effective Counselor By {Author} {Institution} Abstract This research paper discusses the qualities that are necessary for an effective counseling and as such any counselor considered effective must posses them. The paper has a separate discussion of both personal and professional qualities required for any good counselor. The personal qualities form a larger part of the discussion because the professional qualities depend wholly on the individual characteristics since professional qualities alone can’t qualify a counselor but effective personal qualities…show more content…
This respect will enable a counselor explore chances for change and provide accepted and genuine attention and caring. More importantly, effective counselors should respect themselves first before expecting the same to be extended by others. This can be done through building strong realistic and self worth virtues as well as receiving and giving support to others. They shouldn’t isolate themselves or have any sense of self destructiveness. Furthermore, effective counselor must first know who they are and what they are capable of doing concerning guidance and counseling before they get to know their clients. They should have clear goals of what they want o achieve in their line of career by a clear sense of values and priorities that are very important in attending individuals who actually need counseling such as drug addicts and family violence victims. Effective counselors must recognize the limits of their power especially influential and convincing powers because they may compromise the effectiveness of a counseling program thus they should be able to tame their power (Whiston, 2009). However, effective counselors do not use their power for their own gain but to help and support the clients in the best reform procedures. On the other hand, Gladding (2008) confirm that effective counselors must always be in touch with themselves especially when dealing with clients who present the same experiences as those of the counselor. In such cases
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