Effective Customer Relationship Management - Customer Loyalty Program

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism Management HTM3129 Lodging Management Lecturer & Tutor: Dr. Deniz KUCUKUSTA

Group Project Title: Effective Customer Relationship Management—Customer Loyalty Program

Class Group: Thursday, SEM004 16:30—17:30 Group Member: Leung Mei Wun, May (10626919D) Ngan Ho Shan, Iris (10571756D) Poon Wing Lam, Yvonne (10627025D) Wan Wing Tung, Yuki (10542306D) Wu Kit Wing Ophelia (10504166D)

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2nd December, 2010 3,491 words


Content Introduction & Background Objectives Importance of Effective Customer Relationship Management Why Hilton? Criteria of Effective Customer Relationship Program Case Study—Hilton Hotels    About HHonours
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Successful CRM is crucial in maintaining the business so that partner companies would keep the strong cooperation bond and alliance. For instance, hotel reward points for air ticket programme would require both hotel and air company to work together for planning and development. Thirdly, effective customer relationship management smoothens daily operation. The speed of transaction with linkage to loyalty reward schemes will be fastened if an effective system is developed. This could easily track customers’ data, preferences, any record that is needed once loyal guests return. Entire staff would be able to know the way to serve particular guests without further question. This enhances customer satisfaction and establishes a stronger commitment between the company and customers.


Why Hilton? Unlike hotels which usually adopt either Points and Rewards system, the loyalty programme in Hilton is more comprehensive and personalized. It launches the programme – MyWay Specials, which covers most of the loyalty system discovered in hotel industry, and offer the most flexible choices to their members. Hilton strives to be the best role model of the industry by offering HHonour guests with programmes for various brands, targeting different types of travelers with their own interests. Within these programmes, travellers can make their own choice and select their preferences, which ultimately attracts. Hilton HHonours programme is available within the 10 Hilton
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