Effective Delegation : Necessary Skill For The 21st Century Nurse

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Effective Delegation : Necessary Skill for the 21st Century Nurse Esther Ademiju Chamberlain College of Nursing NR-101 Transitions in Nursing Meaghan Gerhardstein Fall 2015: Session A October 1, 2015 Delegation : Necessary Skill for the 21st Century Nurse Imagine yourself as a nurse, you have to take vital signs, calculate I&O, assist with activities of daily living, feeding, mobility, etc., and still attend to your professional and managerial duties such as formulation of nursing diagnoses, patient education, care plan and so on. You do all this by yourself with no help and this goes on over and over again everyday! What would you do? Would you get tired of the job and try to quit? Due to the shortage of qualified nurses and the uprising increase of sick patients the need to employ the help of good and effective delegation is necessary. Delegation is an important skill needed in all organization for better management but most especially needed in the healthcare system to ensure quality of patient care. Therefore, this student is going to dig into delegation, how it can be made effective, its benefits and how important it is to learn and acquire this skill early in ones’ career. Starting off, let us look into what delegation is all about. Delegation: What is it? The concept of delegation is not new. "The ability to delegate patient care tasks to others dates back to the early nursing efforts of Florence Nightingale (1969)” (Saccomano & Pinto-Zipp,
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