Effective Dementia Care Essay

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Dementia care offers support and services to an individual affected by the disease itself, which is dementia. It addresses the right and needs of the person with dementia and their families. Improving quality of life and changing attitudes towards dementia is the main goal of dementia care. Dementia care also provides quality of care, maintain dignity and promote health, security and comfort in consideration with the standard of care and ethical guidelines (Adams & Manthorpe, 2003).

Understanding dementia care is necessary for those health care providers who are planning to handle dementia patients. Care worker should know their duties and responsibilities and have the required knowledge and skills to establish quality care. To find
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It also shows the need for more effective treatment method to stabilize the disease process and provide quality care for dementia sufferers.
To achieve effective and excellence care on dementia, biological, psychological and social approach to dementia has to consider because it provides an understanding to people with dementia and help improved health practice, treatment and support for better dementia care (Bowers & Downs, 2008). Biological approach tackles the disease process of dementia, the cause of brain injury and the changes in behavior pattern of dementia sufferers. On the other hand, psychological approach to dementia involved the sufferer’s reaction to the injury, how they accept it and deal the situation. It also covers the effect of the disease process on their communication and action in relation to others. Particularly, people with dementia, mostly feel embarrassed and depressed by their brain injury. They are often angry, agitated and frightened because of the disease but maybe it also means seeking help to avoid embarrassment and disgrace. Dementia care in social domain explains the right of the person with dementia to enjoy and experience significant social interaction. Friendly environment and venues with sociable care provider that makes them comfortable and feels worthy is the focus. In addition, social identities of the people with dementia should be valued and social
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