Effective Deployment Of The Ny.wwtc

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LAN Implementation Effective deployment of the NY.WWTC.com network infrastructure, with all of its collective services requires careful thought, rigorous planning, documentation and well-coordinated execution between all members involved with this deployment. NY.WWTC’s Local Area Network (LAN) implementation plan describes how the accumulation of materials relating to these objectives will be configured and transitioned into a leading edge operational networked IT system. Company leadership, management and implementation teams are focused and committed to excellence. WWTC’s executives have described the business goals of increasing revenue while reducing operating costs to the team with clarity and these have been at the…show more content…
WWTC’s network infrastructure is a model of a star topology. Focused and trained, WWTC’s IT staff present a switching configuration that offers fast network performance, efficient device management and plans for future company growth. This approach greatly enhances network performance that eliminates unnecessary interconnections, while offering scalability. At a high level, WWTC’s topology has a number of edge routers used for Internet Service Provider (ISP) connectivity, Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems aimed to block intruders, routers and access switches that offer redundancy and end device connectivity. A Full-Mesh Topology WWTC operates a full-mesh topology. Within the New York regional office, WWTC communicates with its Hong Kong headquarters and several other WWTC offices located within the United States
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