Effective Devices And Its Positive Effect On Children

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A research that investigated the idea of employing appropriate devices and its positive effect on children, children at an early age can use computer programming and computerized exercises in a method in accord with educationally appropriate implementation (Bern, Horn 2010). The main purpose of this research was to employ the technology of TUI (Tangible User Interface) to principally re-visualize the method children use for computer programming, the improvement included the curriculum and the technology used. The experiment’s duration was two years and was applied on three kindergarten classrooms. The research aimed to answer certain questions including: “If the children were provided with appropriate technologies, are they qualified to perform programming for their computerized projects?” “Is there a need for an adult supervision and help?” “To what extent can children comprehend the basic concepts of computer programming?” and “Is it necessary to consider what is appropriate for children at a young age when developing new curriculum?” The outcomes of the experiment showed that children were able to employ new technologies and were able to handle computer programming (Bers, M. and Horn M.S. 2010). Elkin, Sullivan, and Umacshi Bers 2014, show that investigated the way robotics can be employed as a new method of teaching early education classes. This paper shows the attempt to plan and apply a new curriculum based on robotics done by a teacher of a mixed-age classroom.…
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