Effective Diets

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We have all heard of different types of diets in fitness magazines, weight loss books, and television commercials, but which diets have been researched and been proven to be effective for weight loss? Two of the most popular diets are a low carbohydrate diet and a low calorie diet. A low carbohydrate diet removes almost all carbohydrates from one’s diet. Carbohydrates are a macronutrient that provide the body with energy. A low calorie diet lowers the amount of calories in one’s diet by lowering the amount of fats and the total amount of daily calories a person takes in. Low carbohydrate diets and low calorie diets are effective for weight loss but can be difficult to follow. Random, controlled studies show that both low carbohydrate…show more content…
A classic example of a low calorie diet would be half a plate of vegetables, a small side of beans or rice, and a lean cut on meat like chicken or beef. So a great side effect of these diets is that a person is forced to eat healthier. Both diets are effective for weight loss but can be difficult to follow for several reasons. Both diets can be difficult to follow if a person is eating out at fast food restaurants and are not cooking their own food. Some restaurants are now trying to cater to these diets, but most are high in carbohydrates and calories. When followed correctly both diets can make most people feel fatigued and moody because the body has to use stored fat as energy. Low carbohydrate diets are more difficult to follow, because a person’s insulin levels are lowered in the body. This is because of the lack of carbohydrates, which causes more food cravings and less energy. This is a good sign that the diets are working. Low calorie diets are not as difficult to follow because a person is still eating plenty of carbohydrates, which keeps their insulin levels stable. Low calorie diets are still difficult to follow because a person is still eating fewer calories than the body needs to function. So even though both diets may be difficult to follow they are both effective for weight loss. Even though there are a lot of different diets on the market,
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