Effective Dynamic Multilevel Bandwidth Allocation Scheme For Fiwi Networks

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I would like to present a brief Proposal marked by Efficient Dynamic Multilevel Bandwidth Allocation Scheme for FiWi Networks Student ID : I201521020 Student Name:Naseer Hwaidi Abed. Supervisor: 苏钢 / Gang SU Major : Information & Communication Table of Contents 1. Problem Definition 2. Limitations of Existing Methods 3. Proposed Solution/Abstract 4. Methodology 5. Aims and Objectives 6. Introduction of FiWi and Related Works 7. Hardware and Software Platform 8. Research Schedule 9. References 1. Problem Definition FiWi (Fiber-Wireless) networks are designed using the wireless networks such as WLANs and fiber networks like PONs (Passive Optical Networks). Therefore FiWi networks having advantages of both users mobility support as well as high bandwidth. But the major problem with this networks is as the number of mobile user’s increases, queueing delay is increasing in FiWi’s Optical Network Unit (ONU). There are number of methods recently proposed for minimizing this queueing delay for bandwidth allocation. However, this methods are only working on PONs and WLANs and hence not considering the state of ONU. Therefore performance of FiWi networks is poor in terms of throughput and queuing delay. For any kind of FiWi networks improving its performance in terms of throughput is very vital. This can be possible by presenting the efficient queueing delay minimization method for FiWi networks. This is main research problem for this domain. 2.

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