Effective Educational Leadership Analysis

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Being an effective educational leader requires a complex set of knowledge, skills, and qualities. There is a temptation to think that the principal must know it all, be able to do it all, and be everything to everyone. While this is not possible, the effective educational leader must never stop acquiring knowledge; the principal must use that knowledge with a variety of skills to create the conditions for learning; and the effective educational leader must embody a diverse set of qualities so that his vision is inclusive and attainable. Effective educational leadership starts with a wide-ranging knowledge.

The most important knowledge for an effective educational leader is the insight that he doesn’t know it all. Of course, it is vital that the leader know the best pedagogical practices of a vibrant learning environment such as differentiating instruction, creating hands-on activities, and designing interdisciplinary
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I have attended trainings and workshops, and I know when to ask the Superintendent and Director of Special Education for advice or review. Only with proper knowledge of budget management, can an educational leader also be the manager that he needs to be. I am very proud of the group effort that has gone into creating and maintaining the budget in the last few years. From starting with a needs-based proposal to creating a fair process for the inevitable reductions, I have managed several budgets that support the core program even in difficult financial times. For the past seven years, I have been the lead disciplinarian with a fair and firm policy. My experiences include handling running in the halls, antics in the cafeteria, bullying, harassment, and more. Of course, a thorough understanding of such areas as the health office, the kitchen, the school bus, the boiler, and the custodian’s closet comes in handy from time to
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