Effective Fight Against Cancer : The Immune System

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The biggest cause of treatments that do not work in case of cancer is that we do not look in the right direction. All the treatments proposed by the majority of doctors, all the top notch drugs promoted by famous pharmacy brands, they all treat a symptom, not an actually health issue. To start a proper fight against cancer, we must understand how it works and why it appears. The main reason why cancer appears in an organism it because the immune system of that certain organism is weaken and malfunctioning. A person that has the immune system up and running in a normal rate will not develop cancer. The immune system cannot be localized in a certain spot in our body. It is like an aura surrounding us, in order to protect us from all the external harmful factors. You can feel the immune system working when you experience a fever, when your recovery time is relatively short. But as anything related to a human being, the immune system will weaken as we get old. Thus, we have to take care to constantly strengthen it and provide it will all the elements needed so that it will remain strong and active, even in old age. Everything we ingest will influence in a way or another our body and our immune system. So good quality nutrients will help it be stronger. Also, avoid substances that have a dangerous potential over the immune system, such as heavy metals, sugars, over processed foods and drinks. Not being sick at all is not necessarily a good sign, since an inactive immune system
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