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Effective followers are an extremely important part of the business and work field, especially with management. Follower ship is the process of being guided and directed by the leader. There is always a big deal about having people who are good leaders. A person who is strong and takes initiative is only a few traits of a good leader. There are also many different types of leaders who work best with specific types of situations. Just as leaders play an important role in the business world, the role of an effective follower is also needed. Not everyone is designed to be a leader, and not everyone can be a leader. Some people work better as a follower to take direction and execute the plan that is given to them. Without followers the leaders…show more content…
A follower must also manage time as resources very carefully in order to be fully effective. A self-leader is what it comes down to when a person is needed to self-manage as a follower. The next characteristic that I believe is extremely important that a follower have is role awareness. Sometimes leaders will assign a group of followers a task and if a follower can not distinguish their role they may end up intervening with a group members task. The follower may also fail to complete their task because they have the wrong idea of their role. It is crucial that a follower has the ability to know what is being asked of them as well as what is being asked from others so that when a task comes together all parts combine smoothly. The next characteristic that I believe is important to be an effective follower is a good work ethic. A person must be willing to work hard and work smart not only solo but also as a group. If a person is a hard worker this means that they will work as effectively as they can with the directions that are given to them. If a person works at their full ability they not only save time but, they also save money. If a person is lazy and sits around after they are given a certain task they are being paid while they are not adding any kind of work and commitment into the company. This causes a huge loss for the company which is why hard work is crucial for success in companies. If there are two people competing with different levels of talents the person
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