Effective Functional Behavioral Assessment Of Students

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Introduction There is an increase in demand for behavioral services in various learning institutions, which have been due to schools being required to conduct functional behavioral assessment. This helps parties involved in a given sector of education, to understand and address a given rising behavior change in students. Hence improving the standards of education, by creating a good mind set and a positive behavioral culture in students. Mr. White, the principal at New Light School requested for an intervention plan. He has an 18yr old student, Tom who has mental retardation of which teachers have become concern and described the situation as inappropriate. These aberrant actions may be the reason why the student is provided with special education services as in the case of students labeled as “having emotional disturbance” However other students, for whom different impairments are the main concern, might also display undesirable behaviors. These could include, among many others, refusals to work on tasks viewed as too difficult, angry responses due to frustration of goals or inability to communicate with words or irritating actions displayed in an attempt to gain attention. Tom was okay before and the change is a matter of concern to all the parties involved. Anytime that the teachers have concern about the behavior of a student with disability, they are required by the Individuals Disability Act (IDEA) to undertake the functional behavioral assessment process in order to
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