Effective Global Strategic Sourcing. Case Study- Seagate Essay

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Seagate Case Study

Seagate Case Study
Vincent Morales
MBA 6127

Based on the case study Seagate Technology: Real time response to demand, the article discuss key points in regards to Seagate’s evolution of their supply chain to increase visibility and improve service. Seagate changes the role to a real time demand from a change in planned forecast, of which, allowed low risks. This allowed visibility of Holy Grail, which was also ideal for the supply chain evolution. In parallel, this applied to certain types of regulatory and legal requirements that of which Seagate faced in their global operations and supply chain management. This involves implications of foreign corruption act, in which Seagate ensures compliance with
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This is known as the Holy Grail, which also means that Seagate’s customers have outsourced production to contract manufacturers. These customers have less control over their supply chain as a result and fear that scarce components may go to their competitors. Because of Seagate operates at a global scale, they are subject to the Foreign Corrupt Act, which was used to oversee firms with business interests in the US are being prosecuted for bribing public officials, and political parties, in other countries. To be in compliance with this, Seagate must do the following: evaluate the countries in which they operate, evaluate contracts and third party distributors and intermediaries, train high level people throughout the company about Foreign Corrupt Act, check out the background of any intermediaries, develop an understanding of procedures, and implement robust procedures for reporting bribery. Seagate also ensures they adhere to ethical labor practices employed in various parts of the world. With more visibility, this allows Seagate assistance to ensure more equitable treatment of supply chain partners. They must incorporate the proper corporate social responsibility (CSR) in global supply chains by introducing codes of conduct that are expected to ensure socially responsible business practices throughout the supply

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