Effective Group Work Based On Respect, Trust, Passion And Collaboration

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The effective group work based on respect, trust, passion and collaboration. All the members try their best to achieve the goal which are the common aims. The components of successful teamwork can be concluded as follows, open communication with relax environment, clear direction of overall work, decision making process, and tasks for each members, balance the responsibility of participations for the task success, conflict acknowledge and process, sharing information and communicate each other regularly and including exchange resources, enable to evaluate tasks and adjust by teamwork (O’Daniel and Rosenstein, 2008). In addition, the overall results MDT members are achieved are, increasing the satisfactory of staffs and patients; improving provision and innovation in healthcare; decreasing error rates and result in healthcare risks dropped, like mortality and morbidity (Swientozielskyi et al, 2015 :29).

3.2. The issues influence MDT communication

The different personal experience decides the unique of every healthcare professional, and in fact, decides the unique of every team. Efforts of improving medical care quality and safety are possible destroyed by collaboration and communication between clinical healthcare professionals because of difference of characteristics. The barriers may be caused by various reasons, for example, barriers between surgeons and anaesthesiologists, physicians and nurses, ordinary healthcare professionals and administrator and so on (Ray and…
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