Effective Hiring Practices At Florida State College

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Effective Hiring Practices
Steven R. Cullipher
South Florida State College I. Introduction
II. Definitions
A. Opportunistic Hiring
B. Organizational Fit
III. Hiring Objectives
IV. Hiring Procedures
V. Conclusion

Effective Hiring Practices
I. Introduction
The scope and intent of hiring practices have evolved in the information age as businesses, workers, and lawmakers have become increasingly aware of the results, intended or unintended, of hiring practices on organizational culture, effectiveness and litigiousness. By investigating common objectives and practices of various industries, a criterion can be established that serves the interests of those vested in the process.
II. Definitions
A. Opportunistic Hiring – The hiring of employees before their jobs exist (Levesque, 2005).
B. Organizational Commitment – The attachment of an individual to his or her organization (Pierro, Raven, Amato, & Bélanger, 2013).
III. Hiring Objectives
In the contemporary workplace, the hiring process is no longer a singular process of matching a candidate’s skill set to a set of job parameters. Today’s hiring process also involves matching candidate personalities to teams or groups and to the organization overall. The assessment of employee fit has become increasingly important as the costs associated with hiring the wrong candidate have soared. These costs can include unplanned training, reorganization and litigation. The costs associated with poorly evaluated new hires can reach three…
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