Effective Hr Strategies Of Bill Gates

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The Effective HR Strategies of Bill Gates Yelena Vassilenko Berkeley College Background Bill Gates - the richest man in the world, a computer magnate, founder and owner of Microsoft. He created his first computer program at the age of 13. He loves cars, motor boats and playing poker. He never ate at home because he did not want to waste time on cooking. Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington, USA. He was the first child and only son of a famous lawyer. This modest, even shy and slightly awkward child dreamed of becoming a professor of mathematics and was not at all like his father - a high, handsome, successful lawyer. Despite the unique abilities in mathematics and logic, Bill Gates did not show leadership…show more content…
At 17, he received an offer to writing software package in the distribution of the energy Bonneville Dam. Following the family tradition, Bill Gates went to Harvard, intending to become a lawyer like his father. But he was still the same closed and uncommunicative, which is absolutely not appropriate for the profession. He rarely attended student parties, only his close friend Steve Ballmer, who will become president of Microsoft. Personal Motivation In December 1974, Bill Gates saw a computer for $ 397. The only thing was missing was the machine software. Paul Allen tried to persuade Bill to open his own company to develop software, but Bill was in no hurry to leave school. And the only way out of the market the first home computer available to consumers under the name "Altair 8800", prompting him to listen to a friend 's advice. Bill Gates and Allen contacted representatives of the company MITS, offering them software (version BASIC) for their computer Altair 8800. This variant arranged managers who offer young people to work on writing a programming language. The couple moved to New Mexico, where he began the history of Microsoft. The first five Microsoft customers have gone bankrupt, but the guys did not give up and in 1979 returned to Seattle. In fact, Bill Gates, was expelled from the university for truancy and academic failure, but this fact is not very upset woe-student because he received an offer from IBM to create an
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