Effective Human Capital Management : An Organization's Success

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Emerging into a Strategic partnership has many Human Resource departments, managers, and trainees on its side. Many corporations and business are currently taking part in various dramatic changes with multiple implications for the different manage changes of human resources at this time. Of course, there are many changes, but the most important one is the serious deployment of different information technology and the growing amount of organizations have created by different training and development programs. Another important change in the Human Resource world is the business environment. As time goes on, like any good thing becomes updated. Through these next few years the increasing complexity and knowledge is going to be in affect.…show more content…
The HR Function can and increasingly is making significant contributions to building an organization that is staffed by the right human capital to carry out the work of the firm and enable the accomplishment of business strategy. By doing this every end of the corporation will benefit from it, and be able to grow in the business world. (Johnson, 2015)
At this point the ability for HR to be a strategic partnership is becoming much more likely as it rests on the human capital. The human capital has been directly linked to the organizational performance, but strategy development and implementation area also related to the performance. When thinking of becoming a strategic partner in HR, it is hard to define what it looks like and what it takes to be in place. One thing it isn’t is easy. It can be a very challenging journey with many obstacles and very few shortcuts. There have been many companies who have tried to learn and adapt to routes fellow companies have, but it’s quite hard to find models to use. Using the titles as others have used such as HR business partners has not always led to the correct route. Trying to switch around the HR function along with moving different representatives into various units has brought Human Resources to its customer. Along with this, the daily work of any HR representative just remains to have focus on administrative work
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