Effective Implementation of Telemedicine

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Article Review Prerequisites for Effective Implementation of Telemedicine: Focusing on Current Situations in Korea INFS 430 – 10 – Global Issues in Information Systems February 15, 2016 SUMMARY Telemedicine is the use telecommunications and information technology to provide healthcare to patients located in the remote or distant locations. For example: people staying in the mountainous areas or islands can get medical services right at their home with the help of smart devices or patients who cannot go to the hospital for some reason. This article discusses the prerequisites for implementation and use of telemedicine in Korea. There is a study that was performed comparing the utilization…show more content…
Also, the suggestions provided to help with the research seems appropriate. One suggestion that can be added to the list is to include the pharmacies (private or government) in the telemedicine plan as there may be some times when a person is not able to go the pharmacy to pick up their medicine and the pharmacies can deliver the same to the address. This means that during the discussion, one more party have to be on-board for the development and implementation of telemedicine systems that is the pharmacies that are affiliated to the medical facilities. One thing that did catch my eye is that in the author’s opinion, “communication between cancer specialists of tertiary care medical facilities and doctors at the primary and secondary hospitals is not easy to establish due to geographical and institutional problems” shows that they are not confident on the technological development that the telemedicine system is capable of bring to the community. The reason is because there are some applications (to be used in the smart devices) that being developed which doctors in various geographical locations can use to discuss the condition or illness of the patient and come to a conclusion of the best fit treatment plan. Conclusion section is also an example of weak writing and abrupt ending. In my opinion, this article lacks good writing, strong facts, graphs and
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