Effective Internal Communication

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LaTrice D. Narcisse Lnarcisse7@gmail.com Leadership & Organizational Behavior MGMT 591 Effective Internal Communication Professor Joseph Neptune February 22, 2015 Abstract Proper communication with any company is imperative to its daily operations and employee morale. Communication is defined as purposeful activity of exchanging information and meaning using various techniques or natural means. Large companies can lose sight of this as they grow and grow outside of their center of operations. When any company acquires additional business and begins to run it in a different culture it is important to know how that culture or environment thinks, acts, and responds before setting up shop. If this is properly done then this…show more content…
The break down in the communication process has cost the company money and the challenge of constant rework. The lack of communication is frustrating for lower level employees as it seems to reach them last; yet impact them the greatest. They are on the front line with the customers (doctors and hospitals) and have to deal and try to correct the problems before they reach higher up management. There are too many, capricious methods of communications that do not provide the employees with a simplified, efficient process to perform their duties. The company’s INTRANET site was developed to serve as a tool to distribute announcements, associate programs, events and celebrations. However, within that tool are various Standard Operating Procedures that representatives are to use for their daily tasks. There is a separate tool that houses the Operating Procedures for each line of business that the representative answers incoming calls for; Online Help, this is the representative’s go-to resource for any issue to be resolved or any updates to the call center policies and procedures. Of course, like any company there is the electronic mail communications (email) that is used for several pieces of information that needs to be addressed or communicated out to different areas of the company. This method is the most misused tool in the company than any other system. The company sends a daily email out on the latest update on what is new on the INTRANET site, we receive
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