Effective Interpersonal Relations : Effective Communication

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Effective Interpersonal Relations Interaction with people in the workplace can be challenging and frustrating. Technology has changed the way we communicate with one another; for instance, email is a preferred method of communication compared to an in person meeting. This way of communication can create problems and tension among employees. One’s perception of the message becomes reality, causing lack of communication and for the message to be lost in translation. It is crucial to develop listening skills in order to be responsible for receiving and sharing accurate information. Interpersonal Communication Experience Autumn Oliveras is a former employee of the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. She encountered an interpersonal…show more content…
She also used the opportunity to help them strategize the organizational chart to better reflect the need for additional staff. Perhaps, if the executive team would have listen to Ms. Oliveras feedback, they would still have a valuable employee that would have grown with the company. In addition, they would have avoided the expense of having to hire her as an independent contractor. Ms. Oliveras is now is a management position and due to her experience, she is sensitive to the needs of the employees and the organization. She emphasizes on communication with staff and sees the value in having executive team meetings to discuss the priorities and who is responsible for each project. Although her experience was not a pleasant one, she learned and implemented an environment where her team member and Executive Team have open communication in order to share ideas that will benefit and further the mission. Organizational Impact Reflection Lack of communication is detrimental for any organization. In the case of the Palm Beach Cultural Council, the lack of communication among the leadership staff caused a disconnect between employee and management. This caused a negative impact on the organization. There were costs related to training, in addition to lack of coverage. When management assessed the working conditions of Autumn Oliveras, a conclusion was reached. The organization hired three
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