Effective Leader And Positive Motivator

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Possess excellent management skills, including a solid foundation in human resource functions; effective leader and positive motivator with over twenty-nine years’ experience in developing and leading teams and projects. Successfully build relationships and work with all levels of management and service providers. Over thirty years’ customer service experience; work successfully with customers in person, over the phone, and with written communications. Effective as a facilitator in high performance work systems development, project manager, coach, trainer, presenter, and change agent. Facilitate creative and innovative ideas and solutions to continuously improve processes. Twenty-two years’ experience in the records and information management field. Displays a positive attitude, strives to be a continuous learner, and motivated as a self-starter.

• Committed to promoting and modeling a safe and healthy environment. Coach that safety is our number one priority and that we are all accountable for displaying safe behaviors. Team members complete regular training, discuss safety and computer work compliance expectations at their bi-weekly one to ones, have individual and team safety goals, and visual reminders of safe and healthy behaviors. Have addressed ergonomic issues immediately to prevent further discomfort and long term damage.
• Provided leadership and strategic vision to teams. Committed to the development and growth
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