Effective Leaders Produce Successful Results

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Leadership is found in a variety of aspects of life, work, and sports. Few will argue that effective leaders produce successful results. Many more will agree that successful leadership is not always determined by the financial bottom line in business or by win percentage in sports. Leadership in both business and in coaching requires and often exudes a common set of skills, goals, desires, and strategies that are common in both arenas. Leaders in all walks of life, to include commercial real estate and collegiate administration, find common ground when tasked with inspiring subordinates and helping them to realize their potential in an effort to obtain optimum results. Formally, Merriam-Webster (2014) defines leadership as, “the power or ability to lead other people” (para. 1). Truly, leadership requires ability; the ability to motivate, instruct, and guide subordinates is paramount. Those who have the charisma to be leaders but lack the expertise to direct subordinates and show how the work is done, on whatever level, will not be able to properly facilitate change. Moreover, the lack of effective leadership or the implementation of ineffective false leadership may cause more harm than good within a business setting or team. Leadership in sport is referred to often but can never be overstated. Having the ability to teach and to motivate is necessary either when leading as a coach or as a player. Leaders take responsibility for what is taught and rely on personal
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