Effective Leadership : An Effective Leader

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Personal Development Plan
Abdulkarim Alshammari
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Effective Leadership
An effective leader makes change happen. They have the ability to influence their followers and accomplish the objectives of a group. According to chemers (2007). Leadership roles dwell on the ability of an individual to lead others, and for this reason, a leader must adopt effective characteristics to ensure that his or her style of leadership is effective. Different leaders carry out different leadership functions based on their effectively. This ensures that a group can attain their goals under the said leadership. Stephan Covey, the author of a well-known book that talks about the Habits of Effective People, said that leadership begins with a desire to attain a certain goal then commitment in the sad desire. Leadership includes various attitudes, values and mindsets which can expedite commitment and transformation (Vugt & Ahuja 2011). Effective leadership start by creating a vision and goals for his group. A leader is then capable of making this vision or goal come true. On the same note, chin (2015) stated that an Effective leader is able to link to mission and values. They believe in themselves. By believing in themselves, then their followers can also believe and have confidence in them. The effective leader portrays maturity, professionalism, expertise and conviction. All this facts translate to a purpose and direction. Through…
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