Effective Leadership And Management Of The Team Members

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Contents Introduction 2 Analysis and Discussion 3 Component 1 - Team Work 3 Component 2 6 Staff turnover and recruitment 6 Employment law 6 Conclusion 7 Recommendations 8 References 9 Introduction Analysis and Discussion Component 1 - Team Work Delegation is the top priority for a team manager to build a strong team. It doesn’t matter how skillful a person is in a project, there will be a limit for personal achievements (Lipman, 2014). When a team is working with the same goal, the outcomes and achievements are far greater and effective one (Eduardo Slas,Dna E.Sims,C.Shawn Burke, 2005). Effective leadership and management of the team members is the key attribute of a successful team. A good understanding of basic principles of the team behavior and the capability to draw on former to add up to the latter could optimize the performance within the perfuming organization (Bedfordshire, 2014). Building a strong work force in team takes time and energy. However, without trust and respect, it won’t matter whether we committed very hard (Team and Working in teams, 2015). If these factors are absent, our effort will fail. When we want to promote trust and respect in a team, first need to start with the philosophy and the follows from that. For making trust, there are mainly three main ingredients; it is our ability to be honest, keeping our agreements and to be fair. When we fail in any of them, the value of cost changes. For earning trust from others, first assess where we
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