Effective Leadership: Building for the Future

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Effective Leadership: Building for the Future Introduction Patrick Sweeney (2010) says there are three important things leaders must do to develop leaders around them: know their people, replace fear with confidence, and create a culture of collaboration. Great leaders have the capacity to express their vision in a compelling and meaningful way in order to get people to embrace that vision and transform it into a reality. Leaders need to understand themselves, their people, and have the ability to motivate and engage them. Most importantly great leaders do not create followers, they create future leaders. Discussion According to Abraham Maslow all humans have certain requirements that must be met so they may reach their full potential. Maslow's hierarchy of needs can be envisioned as a pyramid, with the basic needs forming the foundation and the higher needs at the top. There are four basic needs that must be fulfilled before one can begin to gain their full potential: physiological needs such as hunger, thirst, and bodily comforts, the need for safety and security, the individual must feel out of danger, the need to feel belongingness and love, individuals must associate with others and be accepted, and the need for self-esteem, which comes from accomplishments, competence, approval and recognition. After the basic needs are met people can then begin satisfy their higher needs. These are our cognitive needs, aesthetic needs, need to self-actualize, and finally at the
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