Effective Leadership Ellen Degeneres : Principles Of Personal And Organizational Leadership Essay

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Effective Leadership-Ellen DeGeneres
Shari Kjos
BUS 119-Principles of Personal & Organizational Leadership
Instructor: Chris Crites
November 12, 2016

As human beings the vast majority of us wish we could change the world, whether that be helping humans, animals, the environment, it is helping those that cannot help themselves. However, we also realize to help with these causes it takes money and for the most part a great deal of it. But, some people are fortunate enough and can help change the lives of many. That is what Ellen DeGeneres has done with her leadership skills, guidance, celebrity status and wealth. Through her kind heart and passion for the social good she does everything she can to make the world a better place. It is true that money can certainly help in spanning social good, however, multiple pennies can also impact those in need. Social good is something that anyone can do. It is not about celebrity status or being a millionaire. Social good is about feeling good about helping others when they are in need. It is about creating a sense of connectedness to humanity and being humble all the while influencing those that follow you. This is what Ellen DeGeneres is all about. This paper will discuss, Ellen 's foundations and charities, how these reflect her personal values and leadership integrity, how her giving enhances her celebrity image and whether her integrity is compatible with her image. Ellen DeGeneres is not only an

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