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Effective Leadership: The Highs and Lows of Superior Authority University of Maryland University College AMBA 620 May 24, 2012 Professor Mary Hrutka Abstract In the following paper, the leadership style of one individual is critically examined and analyzed. Leader X has a delegative leadership style that places a majority of the decision making on the subordinates within the office. She has influenced me to alter my leadership style and address some fallacies I have with my behavior in a leadership capacity. Leader X welcomes suggestions from the staff, changes to the office and promotes employee feedback regarding work assignments. The delegative leadership style creates a comfortable and inviting work environment,…show more content…
This is the area in which my leadership skills are put to the test. At any given moment, I could be given three to four tasks that are all important and must be completed in a small amount of time. Prioritizing these tasks can be fairly difficult but I am trusted with this responsibility. Leader X has a strong influence on me and how I wish to conduct myself in a position of leadership. Leader X oversees twenty attorneys and four legal support staff. She has a warm and inviting personality. She is punctual and educated in law and litigation. She encourages her staff to have a lot of input into the day to day decisions made within the office. In the text, Colquitt (2011) defines leadership as the use of power and influence to direct the actions of followers. In order for one to effectively lead, they must possess influence over others. Leader X has been employed within the legal field for more than twenty five years. Her knowledge and experience is what qualifies her as a Senior Counsel within her agency. She possesses all the characteristics of my definition of an effective leader. She has a delagative leadership style which slightly damages her ability to make decisions. Organizational Behavior Another aspect of leadership is the employment of power. Power is the ability to influence the actions and behaviors of others. Colquitt (2011) states an effective form of influence is
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