Effective Leadership For Finely Tuned Communication Skills

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Overview Leading an effective team requires a leader with finely tuned communication skills. Professor Hildebrandt’s Powerpoint presentation titled Effective Team Leadership examines the components that are so important to leading a team to success. In his presentation, Professor Hildebrandt highlights the importance of using direct communication, considering how words will be taken, communicating expectations, leading effective meetings, and coaching team members in conflict (Hildebrandt, 2015). All of these components require good communication skills. Great leaders not only have a strategic vision but they also have an astute awareness of the people around them. Great leaders realize that effective communication is one of the most fundamental processes of management and that it is essential for organizational success. Numerous studies show that communication is tied to an organization’s total effectiveness. One such study was highlighted in a 2006 article titled Effective Leaders Champion Communication Skills (Van der Does and Caldeira, 2006). This 2005 study of 25,000 employees representing 17 U.S.-based companies showed that employees wanted “communication that is open and honest – both good and the bad- and materials that are clear and understandable” (Van der Does and Caldeira, 2006). When asked to evaluate their company’s overall communication effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 100, respondents’ scores averaged 69. In another study by the Development Dimensions…
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