Effective Leadership Practices : Steve Jobs

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Effective Leadership Practices: Steve Jobs Despite his reputation as one of the most innovative and successful leaders in the modern business world, the particular methods of Steve Jobs remained largely unknown until recent years. The picture that has since emerged of his leadership style is one of an innovative leader, who expected the highest quality possibly from his subordinates, and who often pushed people to their limits in order to achieve the creative genius that has come to represent Apple. This paper will look at the specific leadership characteristics that he possessed and the ways in which he molded Apple into the company that it is today. Also, seeking to particularly emphasize the leadership traits that set Jobs apart…show more content…
But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains” (para. 3). Despite this notoriously simple view of life and dedication to a focused mindset, Lashinsky (2011) claims that Jobs was also known as a forceful leader who oversaw nearly every aspect of the happenings at Apple. Lashinsky (2011) states that those who were close to Jobs claimed that he acknowledged that he held the power at Apple, but that he claimed he was not the only one who could, likely in reference to the losing battle he fought with cancer before his death in 2011. Jobs is quoted as saying, “Single-cell organisms aren’t interesting, Apple is a complex, multicellular organism” (Lashinsky, 2011, para. 29). This points out that while he believed in a strong head of company, he did not believe he always had to be that head for Apple to succeed. Jobs’ Methods of Modeling Leadership Hom (2013) claims that Job’s leadership style featured tenacity and the ability to evolve to changing circumstances, listing Job’s success with Pixar’s first movie, Toy Story, as an example. Hom (2013) states that in order to encourage Pixar’s workers to create a quality product, Jobs was critical and even abrasive. At the same time, Jobs acknowledged that success would only come from the strength of the people working on the project and their ability to work as a team, which would later also be seen in his management of Apple. Pixar’s co-founder, Edwin Catmull, said of Jobs,
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