Effective Leadership Skills During An Ethical Dilemma

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Effective Leadership Skills during an Ethical Dilemma The purpose of this paper is to introduce ethical frameworks that can help solve an ethical dilemma. I will give an example of ethical issues encountered in a jail setting and an ethical dilemma that I experienced as a result of these ethical issues. I will analyze the moral, ethical, and legal implications that I used in this ethical dilemma. Furthermore, I will explain my leadership role as a patient advocate during this particular moral issue. Lastly, I will describe my leadership styles that were identified by my self-assessment and how this facilitates my ethical dilemma.
The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics states, “The nurse promote, advocates for,
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I am not sure if this has to do with losing some of your rights as an inmate or if it is different in other jails. Lastly, other ethical issues in a jail setting involve witnessing the use of force in against patients that are severely agitated and uncooperative which end up in a mechanical restraint such as a restraint chair. The ethical dilemma I encountered in my work environment involves correctional officers using force and restraint chairs against mental health patients. Officers are allowed to restraint anyone who can be a danger to themselves or any person in the facility.
Ethical Dilemma Maschi, Marmo, and Han (2014) stated, “According to the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948), every human being is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, which includes individuals not being subjected to torture and cruel and unusual punishment” (p. 173). Also, studies have shown that patients who were placed in a mechanical restraint experience depression, insomnia, delusion, panic, demoralization, and intense anger (Bersot & Arrigo, 2011). Also, many patients indicated that they lost the principle of autonomy when placed in a mechanical restraint (Bersot & Arrigo, 2011). Knowing these facts, is it unethical when officers use force and restraint chairs for mental health patients? Should officers use restraints and force to control dangerous patients even if

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