Effective Leadership Styles And Personality Traits

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Many studies define an effective leader and different leadership styles and personality traits. However, with all the research completed about effective leadership, the argument being is it the “what” or the “who” that defines an effective leader? Is an effective leader defined by your level of education or your career by trade? Society has painted a colorful picture of many people of how the ideal effective leader looks. Based on countless statically based studies over many years, it is no secret that the majority of senior level executives in the public and private sectors in the US are educated, white men. Does this mean that white men are the only people capable of being an effective leader? This research shows that leadership is not always about scientific studies on what effective leadership styles and skills are required to be a successful leader.

My Mother, a Community Leader When I think of leaders, I tend only to think of the most iconic Civil Rights leaders that had a profound impact on my rights as a double minority in this country (leaders | tangledwebau. (n.d. Web). Leaders that were not afraid to stand up for justice for all such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall or Rosa Parks, just to name a few (The Principled Life | Helping Leaders Develop Sound Principles. n.d. Web). However, the level of ignorance that I may exude by thinking that only an individual that changed our country or…
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