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I find the statement “The effective leader today must be a director and motivator, implementer and innovator, mentor and team builder, expert and moral force, organizer and developer of people” (2015, p.61), to be both accurate and realistic. One reason I believe this to be the case is because of the number of individuals who have been able to facilitate these roles on their way to being considered successful leaders. One example being Vince Lambardi. While the story told of him in textbooks by Willie Davis primarily spoke of his motivating skills, he is a renowned leader (2015, p.30).
I feel a leader can become all of the items listed above by combining and applying the ten principles of leadership (2015, p.32), and the six principles of trust for effective leadership (2015, p.40). When a leader expresses a vision or “a strong sense of purpose” (2015, p. 32) they should then find a way to implement a plan and direct their team to achieve the goal. This may take some innovative measures. For a leader to show they are an expert and should be followed, they must show their ability with a task. By doing so, their actions emphasize they a have knowledge in the area they are leading, “It helps if the leader has done the job before and done it well” (2015, p.32). To become an organizer and developer of people, a leader should display their concern for others, and their stability or “understand her or his own world and how it relates to others” (2015, p.33). For a leader to be a

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