Essay on Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing

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Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing
Shirley J. Mitchell
University of Phoenix
HSC 492
Instructor: Linda Westermann
March 12, 2012

Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing According to Sullivan and Decker (2009), leadership is influencing others into working toward accomplishing a common goal. Some people are born with an innate leadership quality within them. Others require learning leadership and management skills. It takes a certain personality trait that makes them a natural leader. Intelligence, personality, and abilities are three categories of the trait theory that is a part of the profile of successful leaders (Sullivan & Decker, 2009). I will discuss my personal views of leadership. It will
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Characteristics of an effective leader An effective leader can create a working environment that satisfactorily supports the staff members so he or she can productively perform in his or hers’ assignments. The top three characteristics of an effective leader are the ability to communicate well, fairness to everyone on the team and are knowledgeable in his or hers’ field of practice. An effective leader must be able to communicate well with others to maintain and promote open communication among the team. When leaders deal with employee conflict, an effective leader is fair. These leaders motivate their nursing staff to work toward a greater good in creating a positive change (Dunham & Klafehn, 1990). An effective leader should be knowledgeable about his or her leadership role as well as those he or she is supervising.
Leadership and management are similar; however, have different definitions. Some leaders have an innate ability to learn whereas others may have to learn how to lead. A manager may not be an effective leader. A leader must possess certain characteristics to be effective. Communication, fairness, and leadership knowledge are the top three characteristics of an effective leader.

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