Effective Leadership and Organizational Success: An Inextricable Link

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The discussion here will lay out the primary thesis and subordinate arguments that will comprise the coming draft. At the center of this discussion is the concept of organizational leadership and the manner in which this shapes the success or failure of said organization.
Thesis: The primary thesis of the research is that effective, engaged and ethical leadership will produce better long-term organizational performance.
Supports: This assertion will be supported by a number of literature-based findings concerning the importance of leadership in shaping various features of an organization.
Support 1: With respect to these features, we would first consider the role played by leadership in shaping an organization's identity, particularly as this is conveyed by the company's internal culture and its projected image.
Support 2: A second support will be drawn from discussion on the role played by leadership in shaping an organization's daily operational characteristics.
Support 3: Finally, a discussion will be dedicated to better understanding the connection between the behavior, orientation and example set by leadership and the morale of personnel as a consequence of these features.
Summary: The intention of the study is to demonstrate the inextricable link between…
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