Effective Leadership in a School Setting

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Running Head: Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership
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Effective leaders have the ability to learn from the past and able to integrate it within the present setting. The goal of this paper is to analyze the topic of leadership in school settings in the lights of broad and diverse academic resources.

Effective Leadership
Leadership is considered to be a way of making an influence on other individuals in order to accomplish certain goals and objectives. Leaders have the ability to manage and organize activities and encourage others and concentrate on maintaining ethics and morality in organizations (Wills, 1995). Leaders can be effective managers but it should be noted that all managers cannot assume the role of effective leadership, which is the fundamental aspect of management. Several theories and concepts have been introduced in order to define effective leadership. Transformational, behavioral, trait and situational theories have been used to define the concept of effective leadership (Wren el al., 2004). Competencies of emotional intelligence are also used to understand the concept of effective leadership, which includes management of the self, self-awareness and social skills. However, it should be noted that all of the theories concentrate on discussing the concept of effective leadership. Effective leaders have the ability to
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