Effective Listening and Presenting: Essential Skills for a Manager

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1 Introduction 1
2 Listening 2
2.1 Listening as a Communication Skill 2
2.2 Why are Managers Inherently Poor Listeners? 2
2.3 Key Factors to Effective Listening 3
3 Presenting 7
3.1 Presentation as a Communication Skill 7
3.2 Why are Effective Presentation Skills Important? 8
3.3 Key Factors to Effective Presenting 9
4 Action Plan for the Next Three Months 13
5 Conclusion 15
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Communication is at the heart of everything done by a manager. Thus, effective communication is considered as a major challenge and a responsibility. A majority of a manager’s day is spent on
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However, it is difficult to find training on listen skills, even though it is used most frequently. ▪ Thought speed is higher than the speaking speed It is said that people tend to think faster than they speak. When people listen to an average speaker, only 25% of their mental capacity is used to listen to the speaker. The rest of the 75% is left to utilize and the mind is given ample room to wander. Thus, it is important to make an effort to listen carefully and concentrate more on the listening act.

▪ People are inefficient listeners

Throughout the years, this fact has been proved by a number of researches. It has been identified that the average listener tends to comprehend and retain only 25% of what is being heard.

Therefore, for a manager to become successful, it is vital to master the skill of effective listening rather than just having the ability to listen.

3 Key Factors to Effective Listening

Peter Drucker once said that ‘the most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said’. In order to hear what isn’t said, it requires a conscious mind, along with deliberate efforts. Effective listening occurs when one party truly understands what the other party communicates, in terms of meaning, attitudes and feelings.

Effective listening promotes organizational relationships, encourages product delivery, product innovation, and

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