Effective Low Budget Real Estate Marketing

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He that will not be counselled, cannot be helped: A Case Study of Effective Low-Budget Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers (Interview with Jessica Marks, Real Estate Marketing Specialist) First of all, to make sure that the international real estate marketing ideas revealed and discussed in this E-Series do actually work, we have to turn to a practical life example of how Jessica Marks, the real estate marketer for a South Florida developer of boutique luxury townhomes, had successfully used the methods presented in this E-Series for marketing and selling the properties to foreign buyers with some advice of the author as her international consultant. The most sought after method of marketing is “low budget, but effective”, and this was exactly what Jessica wanted when she was hired as Business Development Director for the development project:”It was clear that we needed to maximize our exposure abroad. Unlike other high rise condos and larger new developments, our budget is smaller and the funds we have are not going in to marketing but rather to ensuring we turn over a phenomenal, well made, and meticulously constructed quality home for our clients.” Does it sound familiar to you, the readers, who are realtors, developers and private real estate sellers in various countries of the world? Do you think and feel about international marketing of your properties in a similar way? Then Jessica continues to discuss her problems with marketing to the foreign buyers and

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