Effective Management And Leadership For Project Managers Essay

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Many observers of architectural, engineering, and facilities management organizations have noted how little planning designers undertake for their own benefit. Design and facilities managers continually preach to their internal and external clients of the need to undertake regular planning. However, within their own operations, designers often lack an ongoing planning process, effective management systems, regular evaluation of operations and performance, continual training of their own staff, and a long-range focus.
The material that follows is only a brief overview of some planning methods and actions that should be a regular part of your organization’s activities. Additionally, a discussion of some key concepts related to effective management and leadership for project managers is included.
Planning Concepts
Successful projects require a sound organization-wide project management (PM) system and plan. Equally important, individual project managers must prepare specific plans for managing each job under their leadership. There are a variety of types of plans and approaches project managers need to recognize as they undertake their daily activities.
In design and construction organizations, long-range planning helps to conceptualize future goals and needs for programs, facilities, systems, marketing, personnel, and other activities. In comparison to an organization’s longer life span, individual projects require operational or short-term planning to prepare near-term
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