Effective Management For Patient Satisfaction

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Effective Management for Patient Satisfaction

By: Saira Habib

Healthcare Management
November 30, 2014

The cornerstone of healthcare management is patient satisfaction. It is what builds the reputation of a healthcare institution, whose top priority is the health and safety of patients. An effective management strategy must be implemented in order to ensure patient satisfaction. Although management styles may differ, all have one common thread: making patients their primary concern. The patient experience is formed by their treatment, both medical and interpersonal, and is what shapes their perception of the facility and the staff. Management style and bedside manner are crucial to developing a positive image and gaining new clients through satisfying current ones. Healthcare institutions that implement an effective management strategy are ensuring the well-being of patients as well as following ethical guidelines to prevent mistreatment and mismanagement of patients. Although keeping patients the top priority in any healthcare organization may greatly influence a positive environment for all workers and patients, other major factors may disturb the peace of an institution. These factors include conflicting interests amongst upper management, lack of cooperation among workers, poor communication between management and employees, as well as strained relationships on the floor. To prevent these factors from…
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