Effective Management Of An Organization 's Human Resources

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This essay will be debating the following opinion “An understanding of the key theories and principles relating to recruitment and selection, Personality and motivation are essential for the effective management of an organisation’s human resources”. This essay will also conclude my personal thoughts on whether all the attributes listed in the opinion are essential in the result of effective management.

Motivation is the desire or willingness to fulfil a goal. Within the working environment, it is essential that the company’s employees to possess / retain motivation in order to maintain optimal output. According to Maslow’s theory regarding the hierarchy of needs, it states “that human motives can be arranged in a hierarchy of priorities”. These priorities consist of Physiological, Safety, Belongingness, Esteem, Self –actualisation. This theory outlines that humans are ‘want’ beings, and once a need is fulfilled, the next need appears and demands to be satisfied. This process continues until the needs of self-actualisation, cannot be fully fulfilled, resulting in a halt of the generation of needs. In simple terms, Webfinance (2014) states “once a need is satisfied, it stops being a motivator of human beings”.
Within human resource management, Maslow’s theory (1943) is used in the creation of incentive schemes. An incentive scheme provides benefits to an employee supplementary to their wage. One example would be a performance related bonus for an individual working within…
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