Effective Management: Personal and Professional Skills

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Three Personal and Three Professional Skills for Effective Management Effective Management is very crucial in a business, this helps in tackling problems by remaining focused and overcome challenging situations which a company may encounter. This also helps in making the company more efficient. To be an effective manager, one needs to have certain skills, both personal and professional skills. Personal skills The following are personal skills which a good and effective manager should have: • Communication skills • Supportive skills • Enthusiasm Communication skills: It is essential for a manager to have good communication skills, especially with his employees. This is how ideas are conveyed and shared.…show more content…
High motivation helps them to work at their best performance, where better results are achieved. Therefore for optimum results, this is very important for a business. Enthusiasm: A manager is to be enthusiastic. It is known that negativity is contagious; this means that if for example employees are being supervised under a negative manager, they tend to be pessimistic as well. Managers are to bring enthusiasm at workplace with a ‘can-do’ attitude, if there will be no enthusiasm, there will be lack of motivation. Enthusiastic managers are determined, and so they strive to achieve the company’s goals and overcome any obstacles and challenges without giving up. Professional skills: • Leadership skills • Goal setting skills • Problem solving skills Leadership skills: To have a good and effective management, a manager is to be able to motivate staff toward a common goal. A manager / leader is to know and understand the needs and characteristics of him/herself and of each staff member. This will help to show respect to every individual and to deal directly with each person. This creates a good rapport with all employees, which also leads to a higher motivation. Goal setting skills: There is no point of managing a business without having any aims and goals. A manager should set up goals for the employees to follow. Such goals are to be realistic and challenging. A manager strives to make the
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