Effective Management of Complex Information Technology Projects

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Effectively managing complex information technology projects is predominantly an exercise in precision and planning, but the best project managers know that adaptability is often the best way to mitigate the risk factors posed by dynamic environments. Adhering to a company's most recently issued mission statement is often the primary priority of top managers and executives, and with the fluid nature of modern organizational structures, outdated or obsolete projects reflecting prior mission statements may still be on the company's proverbial books. In this instance, competent managers are expected to identify projects which do not reflect the company's current mission statement, either adapting them to ensure compliance across all project parameters, or terminating the project's progress in an effective and efficient fashion. A recent article published by the prestigious International Journal of Project Manager focused its analysis on the role that dynamic environments, which are typified by a continual process of minor system changes and the fluid interplay of resources, in order to determine the optimal strategy for project managers. Researcher Simon Collyer, of the University of Brisbane Business School, authored the report Project Management Approaches for Dynamic Environments in 2009, with a stated objective to examine the nature of projects carried out in quickly changing settings (Collyer, 2009). According to Collyer, who conducted a comprehensive research
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