Effective Manager

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A manger has a very important role in a company. A perfect manager is a boon for any company and a good manager needs to have a strong knowledge about the functioning of a company. In one’s company, there are appear of some managers which are inspired, some are motivated, and others are failing miserably to engage with their employees. When the employees are choosing to leave from their position, it is often because of their manager or the relationship between other employees in their working environment. So, if one’s are decided to become effective as a manager then he or she need to have the ability to lead other people, the ability to communicate the goals and objectives as well as the mission of the company to the employees that …show more content…
Although it is under the communication skills, but I want to single it out because it’s so important. Some managers get so impressed with themselves that they spend much more of their time telling people things than they spend listening. But no matter how high they go in the management hierarchy, they need to be able to listen. It’s the only way they’re really going to find out what’s going on in their organization, and it’s the only way that they’ll ever learn to be a better manager. There is a need to listen to their employees because their employees might have helpful ideas that can be work or function in the organization. Furthermore, the employees also might know causes of problems that happened in the workplace and they might be able to warn the manager about the potential problem that can happened in the workplace which haven’t been recognized by the manager. By listening to the employees, the manager can know and more clear how the employees feel about things that around them can be a tip of future problems. This will able the manager to understand why they feel that way and what the manager can do to make them feel differently. That’s mean communication skill is not just about speaking but listening as well. A good listening should avoid ambiguity. By this, if there is a chance that a message might be
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