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The top reason why people decide to leave their jobs are because of ineffective managers.
Managing people can be a complex and intimidating task, especially for the inexperienced. Keeping a workforce motivated and engaged requires careful planning, and consideration.
Being an effective manager is about supporting, coaching, directing and engaging employees.
Effective management is the key to retaining good employees long-term, which not only make a business run more smoothly, but also cuts costs. This is because new employees often require extensive training before they become fully productive members of the company.
As a business grows and take on more employees, many business owners find that while they have a strong business
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People tend to work up to their leaders’ expectations of them. Successful managers know how to set expectations that are high, but not unattainable. They are able to accurately gauge their employees’ readiness for the tasks at hand, because they get to know each team member personally, and familiarize themselves with their employees’ aspirations, skill sets, and natural aptitudes.
Keeping tabs on each employee’s progress helps managers know when the time is right to give them opportunities to take on new responsibilities, and to expand their role in the business. Employees who know their manager is committed to their success will work hard to meet their expectations. . Provide closer supervision to those who need instructions and assignments written out for them daily, for example. Take more of a "hands off" approach with employees who want more freedom in decision-making. Learn to adapt specific management styles to the types of projects. Micromanage new or unusual assignments to which you or your employees have not been exposed. Establish procedures for these types of projects so you can be more flexible in your management style when you repeat similar projects.
Suttle(2011). Treat all of your employees fairly. Provide ample instruction and direction to each worker, so employees can adequately perform their jobs. Avoid
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