Effective Managing Conflict Essay

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Effectively Managing Conflict and Negotiating in the Workplace

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I. Abstract II. Introduction III. Types of Conflict A. Personality Conflict B. Intergroup Conflict C. Cross-Cultural Conflict IV. Managing Conflict A. Functional Conflict B. Dysfunctional Conflict C. Programmed Conflict D. Stimulation of Conflict 1. Devil Advocacy 2. Dialectic Method V. Alternate Means Managers Use to Handle Conflict VI. Management Conflict Styles VII. Personality Traits in Understanding Conflict VIII. Management Utilizing Negotiation
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Groups often have the potential for conflict because members differ in their views, values, knowledge and experiences. In addition, excessive group cohesiveness may promote in-group thinking which can also lead to intergroup conflict. Conflict can also arise between people because of differences in personal experiences, backgrounds, genders, nationality and society. Conflict which occurs between individuals or society groups whom are divided by cultural boundaries are known as cross-cultural conflicts. Cross-cultural conflict is form when disagreements between cultural beliefs and values arise. “Workers today compete for schedules and projects, for money and training according to Marilyn Kennedy, which also leads to conflict.”[3] And as with many organizations utilizing groups and team works to complete specific tasks and objectives, differences within the team and among the members can also lead to conflict. A lack of cross-cultural difference can also lead to cross-cultural conflict. Building relationships and seeking the help of consultants can also help to reduce cross-cultural conflicts. Individuals from various cultures can effectively work together with the assistance of International consultants. In addition, by employing expatriates to maintain strong relationships with their host can also help managers to keep cross-cultural conflict to a minimum. Not

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