Effective Marketing Plan for Healthcare Facilities: ABC Hospital Case Analysis

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Measurement and Control: As an important part of strategic planning, measurement and control are critical elements in developing a marketing plan. This is primarily because the absence of a comprehensive evaluation or monitoring process in a well-written marketing plan contributes to failure. In most cases, business owners experience several difficulties in evaluating whether their marketing techniques and initiatives are working. The difficulties are even tricky when the marketing initiatives or techniques incorporate activities that are carried out simultaneously. However, these difficulties can be addressed by effective evaluation of the marketing plan through personnel, financial, and operations goals or indicators. The main financial indicator of the efficiency of this plan is looking at the organization's sales or income. This can be achieved through tracking new sales and customer's inquiries about products and services. This is followed by comparing the sales revenues and profit margin with those of the period before the marketing plan was put in place (Hillestad & Berkowitz, 2004, p.225). This indicator is important because the identification of a positive change in the revenues and profit margin serves as a clear sign of the success and effectiveness of the plan. The second financial indicator is on whether the plan has a positive return on investment since it helps in changing or eliminating unproductive techniques (Ayling, n.d.). The operational indicators

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