Effective Measures For Foreign And Security Policy

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Discerning appropriate measures for foreign and security policy is, of course, challenging for any country. When the decision involves highly sensitive issue such as denuclearization of another country, it is something that no one can resolve easily even with great length of time, specified plans, much power, or money. Gill states in his report, “Despite differences on tactics and approach, the primary strategic goal on which nearly all parties in China agree is stability, both at home and in China’s foreign relations, particularly within the country’s near-abroad,” demonstrating how significant the matter of stability is to the Chinese. In the case of North Korea, China’s attitude is rather calm, trying to avoid any direct conflict and ensure peaceful process, and consequently, the Chinese officials are putting relatively greater priority to North Korean relation due to risky circumstances. (Gill) Currently, the North Korea regime is under a possibility of collapsing. The unpredictability of North Korea’s succession process causes both China and the United States to prepare for the securing the nuclear weapon from getting into the wrong hands. The collapse of the regime poses potentials for the material to proliferate in the international black market and will become a major threat not only to North Korea’s direct neighbors but also to countries all around the world. Therefore, in order to achieve a goal of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula, the Chinese officials use
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