Effective Methods to Reduce the Spread of HIV

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Intervention: Prevention and protection is the most cost effective method to reduce the spread of HIV. In mid-1990s Cambodia's prevention efforts have centered generally on encouraging the condom use among men when participating in business sex and swaying men to diminish their business sex activity. In 1999, the Cambodian government launched a 100% condom usage campaign among the brothel sex workers that was modeled from Thailand's successful program. Education was one of the best measures employed by the Cambodian government in preventing the HIV transmission. 95% of the Cambodian women know about HIV/AIDS according to the Cambodian Demographic & Health Survey 2000 (Department of Planning and Health Information, 2003). This progress was achieved by extensive awareness and education camps throughout the Cambodian provinces. The awareness programs were associated with the government and non-profit organizations. Another effective method for prevention and control is through Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT). In the process of learning individual HIV status, the VCT approach incorporates the pretest and posttest counseling and gives critical prevention measures and messages (Department of Planning and Health Information, 2003). Cambodia is a nation of 13.4 million individuals with 80% of the population living in provincial ranges. In 2007, for every capita GDP item was $597, positioned third least in Asia, and the World Bank assessed that 30% of the overall
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